Work Orders

Authorized sales representatives need to send information about a recently onboarded client and associated transaction details in the following style.

Client Name *
Client Name
Client's Phone Number *
Client's Phone Number
Services Requested *
Please give details about the representations made to the client, what they expect to achieve and what services are being performed for them.
Fill out only if applicable.
Onboarding Date *
Onboarding Date
Estimated Delivery Date *
Estimated Delivery Date
Sales agents will need to indicate their responsibility for the associated client here.
Salesperson's Name *
Salesperson's Name
Confirmed Payment Date *
Confirmed Payment Date
Should be today's date, or date of confirmed payment.
Shared Fees
If you are splitting your fee with another individual please indicate so here. The individual will file a separate report confirming the percentage of the split agreed to and commissions for both agents will reflect the agreed split.
Split Assignee
Split Assignee
Only fill out at the request of the originator or referring source so they can receive the appropriate credit. If the Salesperson originated the lead, put the name of the Saleperson here. The Bounty for referred leads does not affect your sales commissions.
Name of the individual who referred business to Corporate Warriors.
Origination Date
Origination Date
Date referral is received by the Salesperson.