Operational Excellence With Will Manzer

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In this enlightening podcast with Will Manzer, former CEO of Eastern Mountain Sports, we discuss his prescription for achieving “Organizational Excellence” through a relentless focus on principals. Principals represent the low-hanging fruit for building a sustainable business enterprise and are too often overlooked or delayed by early stage companies. In it, we discuss the “Calendar Managed Enterprise,” articulating your value proposition and building a maniacal focus on the customer. Will and I both agree that young CEOs and management teams are well advised to tap into the wisdom of the generations that precede them. If you or your management team are looking for guidance or mentorship on taking your idea to the next level, somebody like Will is a good place to start.




  • 3:00 – Letting your ego drop off a little bit and be open to answers from other sources.

  • 5:00 – What questions to ask to see if a management team is ready to execute.

  • 7:00 – What's the biggest thing missing from young management team's

  • 11:00 – Principals of a calendar managed enterprise.

  • 15:20 – Anticipating and preventing Burnout

  • 18:20 – The Role of Choice in Organizational Success

  • 26:00 – Original Business Idea & Articulating Your Core Value Proposition

  • 37:30 – How to Change a Culture


  • Book by Larry Bossidy: "Execution"

  • Admiral Willian McRaven Commencement Speech "10 Critical Guiding Points to Success of the Want to Change the World"

  • Crunchbase for examples of how companies use their financing options

  • Venture Capital group out of Palo Alto


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