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This distinguished level of membership is reserved to the most enterprising individuals,  who become as much Paragons of our realm as their's.

Are you in charge of sizeable company, peer group or other organization of people who need our services? Is your rolodex the envy of the industry? Then consider becoming a Paragon Tier member of Corporate Warriors.

We can't put too fine a point on it: professionals who are well-connected or have credibility with existing affinity groups are best suited for this tier of membership. Those who select the Paragon Membership usually do so because they see the business opportunity built into this level of membership, not merely because they want to avail themselves of our entire range of services for themselves.

Such an extraordinary level of membership is complimented by an extraordinary benefit: Paragon Members have more purchasing power than all other Member Tiers or non-member clients. Paragons save 25% off the publicly listed price of services and are the only Membership class who are authorized to resell our entire range of services, making them the future gatekeepers to our exclusive community.

Monetize and accelerate the growth of your existing networks.

You will be doing your associates a great service by introducing them to our family. Our incredible personal marketing solutions, career management professionals and leadership development programs stand ready to aid them in their quest for personal and professional fulfillment, wherever it takes them.

Because you will be helping your associates obtain new heights of personal influence, effectiveness and fulfillment, you will be the constant beneficiary of their goodwill. Furthermore, you will keep a share, in the form of residual commissions, on all the services that they requisition from the community.

Paragon Members can overlay our extraordinary range of services onto their professional affinity group or incorporate them into their existing offerings and be in business within 1 week of obtaining their Endorsement and becoming a member.

By offering our entire range of services to your networks you can not only keep 25% of the revenue generated through your membership but secure your status within the Corporate Warriors family as a pillar of our society.

You make the introductions. We make the sales. You must be steeled by the conviction that you can be responsible for $25k worth of member services through your relationship with us for it to be worth your while and ours.

Profit, Almost Entirely Hands-free

You will have a license to resell our services as long as you are a member in good standing. Here are some profit projections, based on the assumed production of your group (for demonstration purposes only).


Annual Fee







As long as you maintain your membership you will retain 25% of the value of everyone you bring into the network in perpetuity, netting you a remarkable passive income. Not to mention that, as a Paragon member of our community, you will become a rallying point for opportunities sourced from amongst the other members.

You will be provided with customized and co-branded copies of our materials. You also will be provided with all the tracking tools necessary to seamlessly incorporate our offerings into your existing peer networks, organizations and online sphere of influence.

You are not required to meet any quotas or incorporate any systems into your current operating procedures. However, if you would like to, we have on-hand some of the most brilliant digital marketers alive to get you up and running. We can also work together to launch a completely brand new website for your business, organization or club as an unbeatable benefit we offer only to our elite partners. We take special pride in giving our partners the VIP treatment.

Additionally, your referrals will be admitted into an exclusive Merits pool in which you will hold a stake. Merits constitute the "currency of the realm" for engaging other Corporate Warriors members within our private social network as well as your cryptographically secure means of voting on community initiatives.

If you still think this distinguished tier of membership is for you, then we invite you to read the following documents to see if your qualify and apply to secure your Endorsement.


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