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Burn Your Resume, Create a Resume Portfolio

You might want to consider burning your resume, but that might be a little extreme. You could set your house on fire! But I do want you to stop thinking in terms of the traditional one- or two-page resume. I know virtually every book on resume writing and almost every career counselor and recruiter across the country will tell you to write the traditional one- or two-page resume.

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How to Sell Yourself to Your Future Employer

Here's a little secret. Employers don't actually care about most of the stuff on your resume. What they're primarily interested in is how your experience translates into the key performances that you will be judged by while on the job.  The interview is an opportunity to substantiate the claims you made on your resume with anecdotes, likability and your own personal x-factor.

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How to Destroy Your Network

We spend years developing our network through close personal contacts as well as digital contacts. But that which we spent years to build can be destroyed overnight. In this video, we examine seven classic mistakes that executives make with their networks. Would love your feedback on ideas to build your network and what kind of mistakes to avoid in destroying your network.

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