It's time to step up your game.

Our executive coaches are not your “standard issue” career counselors-they are executives and recruiters who have done battle in the corporate trenches. They know what it takes to achieve success driving an executive career.



The number of hours for one on one private career coaching the participant will receive is based on the program you select. Our programs come with an associated number of coaching credits that you can apply at any time. Many warriors like to talk to a coach before meeting about an executive level position or to brush up on their online presence. Coaching on specific areas of expanding your sphere of influence are available in groups.



All Inclusive
Executive Coaching

1. Comprehensive Assessments

Prior to initiating a search, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and definition of the participant's leadership/management strengths, personality profile, skill set, and key accomplishment inventory. Extensive testing is conducted along with intensive consultation from one of our executive leaders. This analysis includes identification of obstacles that may present problems in the search.

2. Strategic Career Planning

Following the assessment, a strategic career marketing plan is developed to target positions, industries, or other career opportunities.

3. Bold Interviewing Strategies

We actually discourage "interviewing." We demonstrate how to create "business meeting" environments as opposed to the traditional interview approach, which can be intimidating and very one-sided. Our clients don't have interviews. Rather, our clients interview the target company to determine if it is an appropriate match.

4. Compensation and Salary Negotiations

Comprehensive guidance in the salary negotiation process. Every aspect of the compensation package is considered and reviewed. If necessary, as a result of our strategic partnership with an employment attorney, we will provide employment contract review by an attorney at a special Corporate Warriors reduced rate.



Coaching Packages

Career Strategies

We go beyond the traditional social media and search strategies to provide in depth insight into leveraging all research tools to open doors of opportunity. We provide intensive Internet job search training along with ongoing advice on every aspect of conducting an Internet job search.

Lead Generation

In addition to all the standard search techniques, we advocate creative approaches to getting the attention of employers and opening doors of opportunity. We have more than 30 strategies for generating job leads, fine-tuned over decades of practice in the corporate arena.

Training & Support

Corporate Warriors is ahead of the wave in Internet-driven search techniques. We're aren't just tech-savvy, we define the trends that are going to characterize the next evolution of technology. We have all the tech skills in-house so you don't have to. 



Packages from $200/hr