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How to take your career ambition by storm.

To better understand the development of a portfolio, here are samples of different formats to consider when preparing your approach:

Online Multimedia Portfolio

Placing your portfolio into an online format was extraordinarily powerful in the early 2000s, and still is to this day. Nothing says that you are ahead of the curve and bring a modern sensibility to your roles like innovating the way in which you apply for the job.

Perhaps even more important, the possibilities for communicating your value through both narrative and visual impact is striking. You can use photos, sound bytes, and even streaming video to call attention to the proudest moments of your career. 

While we don’t recommend including a photo in a paper portfolio, visuals are pretty much expected in websites. It's axiomatic in web design that wherever the visuals are, your eye goes.


[Visual: Email Example]

[Visual: Executive Portfolio Example]


Print Portfolios

Your visually striking online portfolios are great as an attachment to an email. However, what may be even a more powerful strategy is old fashioned “snail mail.”

Print out your portfolio in all it's chart-pocked glory. Place it into a nice looking presentation folder with the cover letter and resume on one side, supporting documents on the other side, and include your business card in the card slot.

Snail mail it direct to the decision maker–or, better yet FedEx it Overnight and prepare to take calls the next day.


[Visual: Print Portfolio Example]


Text Only Resume

When posting your resume on job/resume sites, it must be in a text-only format. We recommend you only post the resume portion of your portfolio to the search engines and resume posting sites, but somewhere include link to the complete Executive Portfolio.


[Visual: To view a sample text-only version, go to:]


Now what?

To get it in front of the decision maker, just send him or her a short email cover letter, like you would a normal resume, but with a link to your online Executive Portfolio. Click to view a sample:

NOTE: From a legal standpoint, companies cannot request your photograph, but it is perfectly fine to volunteer one.


An expertly crafted Executive Portfolio represents a powerful, unbeatable alternative to the traditional resume approach. Because we are digitally savvy, we can even use tracking links and tracking numbers to watch your responses.

It’s also a calculated one-two punch for landing interviews. When targeted at decision makers who seek credibility from candidates, they will be sold on the remarkable nature of your effort and the novelty of your approach as much as the content of your experience.

Leaders go where others fear to tread. Go ahead and break orthodoxy with a high-end Executive Portfolio. You will be glad you did.

We have now come to the end of our how-to guide. Thank you for your attention and, if you require help building your own extraordinary credentials of distinction, we are the experts.