Land on the hiring decison makers desk like a ton of bricks.


Are you ready to hit the hiring decision-makers desk like a ton of bricks?

Initial reaction by some to this approach is that HR people won't read it because it is too long. This is true; it is likely that HR people won't read it. HR people are trained to rifle through stacks of resumes narrow the selection down by the criteria given to them. Your resume may cross their field of view in a moment of unobstructed focus, or you might catch them at the end of their work day when the only thing on their mind is getting home to the kids.

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We're going to show you how to bypass the HR department altogether. The credentials package you want to prepare aimed squarely at the key decision-makers—typically the president, vice-president, department head, or person most likely to be your boss. And to further set you apart from the other candidates, it will be presented in a way that gets you noticed.

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Payload, Delivered

A complete Executive Portfolio will hit the hiring decision-maker’s desks like a ton of bricks. If you send them in a FedEx Overnight package, they will sail right past the secretary and be the first piece of mail the boss opens in the morning.

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Your Credentials Are

From the first page, if the organization has a need for someone with your expertise (notice I said expertise, not experience), he/she will read every word. Thousands of Corporate Warriors has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach. No other method secures interviews at a higher rate than this one.

The exact content of the portfolio will vary by individual, as each individual candidate's story is keliodscopically unique. Please continue for a breakdown of the most common elements. You can download a complete list at the end of the article.