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Search Strategies for the C-Suite

Search Strategies for the C-Suite

Corporate Warriors Presents
A Search Strategies Webinar
Wednesday, April 24th at 9 PM ET


by Special Invitation

Corporate Warriors, recognized nation-wide for representing C-Suite executives, will lead a webinar focused on driving your search for a C-Suite opportunity.  Hosted by your Dragon Slayer, Don Straits and Wizard of the Realm, Tyler West.



Tyler West

On the forefront of new media, he is an expert in managing and positioning brands for enduring success.

Don Straits

Recognized as a world-wide authority in career and leadership technologies and strategies,

Guest Presenters

Dave Sanders

CEO of World Bridge Partners, a leading retained recruiter consortium.

Dan Pastrick

Combines a deep engineering background with modern blogging know-how to become an industry authority.



The paradigm shift in driving a C-Suite search by Don Straits

  • Forging your world-class credentials to drive a search in the modern day arena.

  • Obtaining the keys to the castle through corporate decision makers, board members, executive recruiters, VC's, PE's, and other key industry/career influencers.

Leveraging retained recruiters, VC's, and PE's by David Sanders

David is phenomenally connected to, and drives searches for, portfolio companies within the VC and PE marketplace.  

  • Gain insights into the paradigm shift within the recruiter, VC and PE arenas.

  • Learn strategies on connecting with key influencers in the community.


Digital Search Strategies by Tyler West.

The internet is not just a place to search for a job or post a resume, but rather, it is a holistic platform to build a presence as the ideal candidate.

  • Blogging for the C-Suite executive:  critical mistakes and winning strategies

  • Memorializing your legacy in stone with digital ink: what works, what doesn't.

Blogging for Success by Dan Pastrick

A clients personal story.. From out-of-work VP of Engineering to an industry authority and man of letters.

Dan is a corporate warrior turned royal scribe. Here is his story on driving 50,000 hits to his digital portfolio and 200,000 hits to his blog.

Plus, Q&A


The Road to Success:  Next Steps

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