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The true alchemist does not change lead into gold, they change the world into worlds.
— William H. Gass

Catalysts for Your Blog, Social Media and Podcasting

52 Weeks of writing prompts to stimulate new insights and keep you on the horse – delivered straight to your mailbox every Sunday. Our one-of-a-kind, paid weekly digest provides a steady diet of intriguing questions, reliable frameworks and thought provoking prompts for your blogs and social media posts so you never run out of ideas for what to write, post or pontificate about.

The Price of This Indispensible Resource?


(If you do the math, that's less than $12/month to stay on top of your content production)

Rainy-day Writing Prompts

The number one problem anyone in the content business has, whether they write, blog or pontificate for a living, is coming up with something to say. As you will see, the Content Advisory directly relieves the pressure and overwhelm bloggers go through when writing. Whether you're writing blog posts or developing a high-end information product.

Surprise Material

Frankly, you never know what I'm going to write. But it is not my habit to waste time putting thoughts down without something profound to impart, such as my currently-being-worked-on Content Alchemists Recipe Book.

Bonus Content: Million-Dollar Content Alchemists

My entire goal is to shorten the distance between thought and expression in the medium we all play in – the written and spoken word. I came up with this framework in an attempt to proceduralize my own article writing. Secondly, this was intended to help me become a better, more capable writer through repetition learning. I expect it will do the same for you.

This resource alone is easily worth the price of admission. This incredible guide is like your periodic table of content elements. Just add water (or rainy day prompts, in this case). Mix and match to your heart's content (get it?, haha). As your constant reference, it will allow you to save months – or years – in refining your creative process and help you create profound messaging at-will.

Honestly, the technology is worth much more than that in higher impact, more powerful verse. In the right hands, the ability to write on-demand is like having your own legal printing press. Once you ingrain the habits and develop a facility with the various elements, it could be worth tens of thousands to you, over the years. Your material will come together like a self-assembling lego set.

Are you ready to never be overwhelmed by writing posts again? I have reduced article-writing down to a 4-step formula. Combine with the Content Advisory, not only will you be able to come up with interesting topics on the fly, but the time it takes you to compose a draft (If you're already good at the ideas part) will be dramatically reduced so much that you'll amaze yourself.

  • The 9 catalysts of content development you must consider before you publish a piece of content.
  • How to quickly zero-in on the types of content that will differentiate you from other publishers in your field
  • Your go-to resource for generating new ideas for content
  • 36 Ways to add uncommon depth to your published content

As close as you can get to producing content on automatic – without sacrificing your natural voice.
— Tyler E. West