Charter Members


Charter Memberships


As a former client of Corporate Warriors, you are invited to experience the exclusive benefits of membership in an elite group of executives and professionals – your first year is on us.

Imagine a place where heroes of industry gather to share ideas and experiences, solve challenges, forge alliances, and find mentors or mentees, all within a secure, private space exclusively for the members. Now imagine having on-hand all the support you need to cover new ground in your quest for rewarding opportunities, lucrative positions and exciting new ventures. Now, envision what it means to be a world-recognized authority in your space, to make a lasting impact on your field and experience the joy of significance. What does the view from the top of your summit look like?


Universal Benefits


Private Social Network

Share ideas and experiences, solve challenges, forge alliances, and find mentors or mentees, all within a secure, private social network exclusively for the members. 

Valued at $1200


Priority Response

Another exclusive members-only benefit. Get priority response from your coaches as well as guaranteed 30-day turnaround times on nearly all services that are not fixed-term programs.

Members-only Discount

Access to personal marketing services at a significantly discounted rate, proportionate to your Membership Level, saving you 5% to 25% off the price of services.

Valued at $1200


Free Updates

Your membership Pledge covers you annual hosting costs and also gets you free spot updates to the following online properties while you're a member.

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Executive Portfolio

  • Executive Resume

  • Authority Blog

Personal Career Strategist

There to help you formulate a custom career advancement roadmap, check in with you quarterly, elevate opportunities to your attention and make introductions.

Valued at $1000


Member Merits

Member Merits fund and give you a say in community wide initiatives, such as where to hold the Annual Retreat. Additionally, they can be spent for special consideration or applied to services for an additional 12.5% savings.


Charter Members:

This special invitation makes you uniquely eligible for a 1-year of Membership at the level appropriate to and not to exceed the amount you've already paid, to us for services.


Membership Levels

Annual Pledge
*Financing Option
Member Merits
Member Discount












*The Paragon, Knight and Elite memberships can optionally be paid quarterly, bi-annually or annually while all Warrior-tier memberships are paid annually.

Application & Disclosures

All of the "Universal Benefits" listed above are exclusive to Members. Non-members can obtain some, but not all, of the offerings within our scope of services, but do so at a premium.

  • You must have Sponsor to apply for membership. Please touch base with one of our certified Knights Harald or an existing member in good standing to obtain your Endorsement. If you were invited by an officer of the organization, they will be your endorsement.

  • We accept new Members during the once-a-month Limited Enrollment Period, which begins on the 24th and ends on the 29th of each month.

  • If you want more services than are covered by your Pledge level, you can still obtain them at the discount associated with your Pledge Level.

  • Warrior Level Memberships are payable once, annually while the other Membership levels have the option to be paid quarterly.

  • Each payment gives you an equal credit (like a gift card), good towards any of our qualifying services, at the discount associated with your Pledge level.  A proportionate boost in purchasing power is acheived with each escalating level of membership.

  • Pricing for services can change at any time. We usually only do so once per year and will announce it sometime before the start of a new monthly Enrollment Period.


Activating Membership

To activate your FREE 1-year membership please certify yourself as a past client of Corporate Warriors and answer the following brief survey regarding your experience. A representative will then contact you about obtaining your Endorsement.