It's time to get up on your platform.

Capturing the attention of recruiters and hiring executives is a challenge, even for the most courageous knights in armor. Armed with a superior positioning weapon, you will be more likely to be sought out rather than stuck seeking a position. Position yourself to become the standard by which all others are measured. 


Development of a world class Leadership Authority Blog. Our own blogging expert was one of the earliest advocates for the commercial applications of blogging and their democratizing effect on the media landscape. Receive a customized social media strategic plan so you can gain the highest possible returns for your effort while spending the least amount of time online. A complete audit of your LinkedIn profile, with actionable steps you can take to dramatically improve your impact, "findability," and results.

  • Features that set you apart from the casual blogger
  • Analytics on the growth of your blog
  • Intensive training on content generation
  • No cost conferencing capability to hold live events
  • Your own unique domain address
  • Development of an editorial calendar to benchmark your blog posts



Building you the hub of your online attention asset.

  1. Through your own personal portfolio URL, you can instantaneously present your credentials and video introduction to decision makers worldwide.
  2. You will have created your personal branding platform to set you apart from other job seekers.
  3. Your executive resume portfolio with video clip is optimized for search engines and our database. It is ready to be searched by thousands of recruiters and corporate decision makers.
  4. When combined with our proprietary distribution strategies, your "hit rate" for job opportunities increases dramatically.


Authority Blog


We help you aspire higher than just your next role or position.

Instead of the traditional, ho-hum, two-page resume, we craft extraordinary credentials of distinction. These credentials have received praise from hiring executives and recruiters around the globe.

In addition to your resume, the Executive Portfolio includes key accomplishment summaries, and a statement of insights relevant to the targeted industry or relevant field of endeavor. They also include a unique infographic that tells the story of one of your defining accomplishments in scintillating visual format.

Using this portfolio strategy, we consistently help place people at the highest level.

Your portfolio may include professionally designed tables, charts, graphs and infographics to visually illustrate and meticulously document you track record of leadership and performance. Our career experts typically spend in excess of 30 hours developing and writing your credential documents before we assemble them into your online multimedia portfolio. This extraordinary benefit represents state-of-the-art use of technology in your career search.

In addition to the online portfolio, we provide a Word and Text version of your documents. You will receive at least ten printed portfolios in a presentation folder for presenting during your interviews plus complimentary business cards to use as an impressive leave-behind.

Your online resume portfolio will include the following components:

  • Executive Summary page with streaming video introduction.
  • High-performance Resume that may include graphs, tables or charts.
  • Key Accomplishment summaries focused on bottom-line results.
  • At least one accomplishment infographic. Typically an infographic takes a minimum of ten hours to develop.
  • Industry-Position insights (when appropriate for the program you have selected).
  • Hosting and archiving of your portfolio for one year.

The online portfolio can be secured behind a password to maintain confidentiality. In that case, it can only be seen by people you give express permission. However, most of our clients choose to keep theirs public and search engine accessible, in which case our portfolios are particularly tuned to rank highly.



Brand Your Presence


Professional Blog Development

  • Development of a world class Leadership Authority Blog
  • Contemporary graphics design for your authority blog
id-card -w.png

Custom design that projects your brand

We will provide elegant custom-designed business cards for networking and inclusion in the executive resume portfolios. Platinum: 500 cards. Corporate Leaders: 250 cards. Leadership Track: 100 cards. Fast Start: 50 cards.




Blog Promotion Strategies


Become the recognized authority

  • SEO and SEM to drive traffic
  • Training in how to build a community from your traffic

Generate citations

We will print and mail up to 200 executive portfolios for the Platinum program and 100 executive portfolios for the Corporate Leaders program to targeted companies or recruiters. This portfolio will be mailed in an elegant presentation folder with cover letter, resume, key accomplishment summaries, insights, and business card. We absorb the costs for printing and mailing via USPS.


SEO Optimized

We provide the unique strategies and tactics for getting your portfolio in front of key decision makers who will be motivated to view your portfolio. In many cases, we are disseminating your portfolio to key decision makers, recruiters et al, but you will have the ability to do so as well.



Accountable Coaching

  • Exclusive membership and participation in our Leaders Community with ongoing webinars and a Google group to share ideas, strategies, content, link exchanges and cross posts