Executive Portfolio

Executive Portfolio

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This extraordinary benefit represents state-of-the-art use of technology in your career search. Your online resume portfolio will include the following features and benefits:

  • Summary page with streaming video introduction, performance graphic, and blog link graphic if appropriate.

  • Powerful resume that may include graphs, tables or charts.

  • Key accomplishment summaries focused on bottom-line results.

  • One accomplishment infographic. Typically an infographic takes a minimum of ten hours to develop.

  • Industry-Position Insights to demonstrate your forward-thinking and thought leadership.

  • Proprietary access to our exclusive community of senior executives.

  • Hosting and archiving of your portfolio for the life of your career.

  • Edits for one year at no cost, with the exception of adding new videos. Typically, your investment for a new video is $300, but can vary depending on the complexity.

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