Catapult Program

Catapult Program

from 2,400.00

The Catapult Program provides in depth insight into social media platforms to drive your search and make you more effective in your position within a company. Further, we implement sophisticated social media strategies to set you apart from all other decision makers. The cornerstone of the Catapult Program is our "Thought Leadership Blog" development. Employed executives take advantage of our Catapult Program to establish their brand identity and increase their knowledge about this rapidly evolving business paradigm. We are so confident in our ability to establish our clients as industry recognized authorities, that we provide a 100% money back guarantee for this ala carte service.  The Catapult Program is ala carte to all of our career programs (Platinum, Corporate Leaders, Leadership Track, and Fast Start).

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Catapult Me!

Your online resume portfolio will include the following features and benefits:

  • Summary page with streaming video introduction, performance graphic, and blog link graphic if appropriate.
  • Powerful resume that may include graphs, tables or charts.
  • Key accomplishment summaries focused on bottom-line results (when appropriate for the program you have selected).
  • At least one accomplishment infographic. Typically an infographic takes a minimum of ten hours to develop.
  • Industry-Position insights (when appropriate for the program you have selected).
  • Proprietary access to our Online Resume Manager, Version 2.0.
  • Hosting and archiving of your portfolio for the life of your career. The online portfolio is behind a firewall, so it is not searchable to maintain privacy. It can only be seen by people you send it to. Edits at no cost with the exception of adding new videos. Typically, your investment for a new video is $300, but can vary depending on the complexity.

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You may use the site in any professional manner that you desirebut the code is propriety to You may build your own site if you choose to do so. This innovative service is unique to nationwide.