Thought Leadership Podcast

Thought Leadership Podcast

from 12,000.00

All-inclusive, 4-month program includes the set-up, training, coaching, recording and your first 12 episodes.

Make Me A Hero

Attention Podcast Heroes

Join 4 of your fellow warriors in a theory to practice program to launch your own podcast show in 4-months flat.

I’m looking for 4 people to go public with your very own branded radio show podcast along with me, over the next 4 months.

At the very end of 4-Months I want you to have your own 12-episode podcast show, drawing crowds and positioning you for notoriety in whatever field of endeavor you’re trying to bring more attention to, be the lone voice of sanity in, or straight up dominate.

Do you want to bring widespread attention and recognition to your personal brand or business, through the not-so-arcane arts of digital media? 

This is for highly communicative DOERS who can see themselves hosting or managing an online radio show long-term.

What's included?

I’m glad you asked. You’re not going to find a more raw and unvarnished, yet functional and complete, program around.

  1. A custom website to host your podcast – Value: A Lot
  2. 12 Masterwork Podcast Episodes featuring “your hidden genius”
  3. I will personally write your kick-ass press release that will instantly put your show on the map for thousands of people per day who search for “Podcasts in [Your Industry]”
  4. Your podcast episodes live and broadcasted on all the major podcasting networks, including: Apple iTunes (trust me, this one’s a pain in the ass to figure out on your own), Spotify, Soundcloud, and the other big ones.
  5. A custom audio introduction that fires up Your Audience and gets them ready to give you their Undivided attention

And YES to all the following accouterments:

  • Equipment and Setup
  • Show Artwork
  • Content Creation Cheatsheets
  • Show Recording Checklists
  • 16 Group Calls w/ Recordings

Finally, in exchange for coming on me with this journey, the three of you will get a permanent share in the program I will roll out on a wider scale next year as a consequence of the successes we enjoy together. No promises, but you might even make the entire cost of this program back, and then some.


Advanced Payment Options

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