Authority Blogs

Authority Blogs

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This extraordinary service represents state-of-the-art use of technology in your career search. Our President is one of the earliest authorities on the professional applications of blogging and is a constant advocate for new media forms to this day. Development of your world class Leadership Authority Blog comes with custom page template designs for your:

  • Main Blog Page

  • individual Post Pages

  • About Page

  • Contact Page

  • Plus one other page that you can use at your discretion to call attention to a book, product or service.

Your online resume portfolio will include the following features and benefits as well:

  • A high-impact design that reinforces your professional brand and looks good on all devices!

  • On-site search engine optimization to put your best foot forward in the search engines.

  • Analytics so you can stay informed about all aspects of your site’s performance with respect to visitors.

  • Training in how to build a community from your traffic

  • Features that set you apart from the casual blogger

  • Analytics on the growth of your blog

  • Intensive training on content generation

  • Your own unique domain address (registration and payment directly to GoDaddy).

  • Exclusive membership and participation in our Leaders Community with ongoing webinars and a Google group to share ideas, strategies, content, link exchanges and cross posts

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Guidelines for Success

The following guidelines are designed to help you achieve industry recognition, enhanced reputation and authority status. In order to achieve desired results, you need to adhere to these guidelines. You might be unfamiliar with some of the terms or how to implement them. We also provide comprehensive training, available here.

  • Post once per week to your blog for best results.

  • Your posts should attempt to satisfy the following three criteria as often as possible: Anticipated, Timely, Relevant, Useful

  • Use primary and long-tail keywords in your posts.

  • Organize your blog posts by logical “categories” and use "tags" in your posts to identify key topics and themes to users and search engines

  • Link out liberally to other bloggers and authority websites and invite your friends and associates to leave comments.

  • Allow "opposing views" in the comment section of your posts. Address the opposing views with engaging discussion.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile according to the audit.

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Executive Resumes
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You may use the site in any professional manner that you desirebut the code is propriety to You may build your own site if you choose to do so. This innovative service is unique to nationwide.