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Benefits of Membership

In today’s cutthroat market, you must position yourself for the opportunity that you want—not the one you have. Whether purposefully employed or currently in transition, Corporate Warriors are in a class of their own. Are you made of the same stuff we are?

  • Do you earn annual salaries in excess of $250k/yr?

  • Shorten the time spent between careers and "in transition"

  • Are you ready to obtain the salary and pay that you deserve?

  • Would you like to negotiate plush contract terms, bonuses and benefits?

  • Do you have awareness of your personal brand and what makes you tick?

  • Are you positioned to receive invitations and access to the choicest opportunities?

  • Would you prefer to conduct your search discretely and confidentially?

We have assembled a range of world-class services and career professionals that aren’t available anywhere else in the world and you are invited to join us.


Please Read On to See If You Qualify


Your 24/7 Active Community for  High Performers.

We believe we are the only executive club in the world to make an extraordinary range of benefits available to its members which demonstrate an enduring ROI in your life, all-year around, while living up the promises of a private membership organization. Our distributed community gives members from around the world a private place to share wisdom and experience, build powerful alliances, grow personally and professionally and build out their platforms for personal success–without all the back chatter, cults of personality or bureaucracy that sometimes plague face-to-face networking groups. Corporate Warriors is unique in that it allows you to engage all the benefits of an affinity group without being saddled with all manner additional responsibilities. Unlike conventional masterminds and networking groups, there are no pitch cards or mandatory meetings to attend in order to remain in good standing. Your Pledge gaurantees access, your access is unlimited and you can engage on your terms.


Annual Membership


Who's It For

Warriors comprise an exclusive community of inspired action, personal success and drive for excellence.

We exist to empower and uplift the already above-average career professional to become their ideal version of themselves in the professional arena.

Being a member is like have an advisory board in your back pocket and our most successful members understand what it means to run their career "like a business."

Whether you are positioning for a promotion at your current organization, beginning your search for a new leadership challenge, or preparing yourself for another major undertaking—Each and every executive in the family receives the professional attention that they deserve as well as the heavy support they need to navigate their career, overcome challenges and succeed in their individual quests for significance.

Our membership is comprised of executive level talent, senior directors – and, of course those who aspire to the C-Suite – who are looking to surround themselves with others who are uniquely experienced and qualified to help them along the way. Although we may be at different stages in our individual journeys, we embrace and encourage the psychological makeup of a "warrior" in all things.



How It Works

Membership in our organization unlocks a whole new world of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Imagine being able to access the experience and knowledge of 100s of world-class executives, building out your own personal influence platform, being highly sought after by new and established companies, going to exclusive networking events and participating in leadership development programs not available to the general public. That should give you a small taste of what's in store for you as a member.

Membership grants you unlimited access to elite career services at members-only prices, based on the Pledge level you choose. Your pledge can be paid annually and you have all year to apply your pledge to obtain the services you need to catapult your career to new heights.



Member Rewards

The entire network exists to elevate you head and shoulders above others in your field.

You will find that the benefits of your membership keep stacking up throughout your career as you build alliances with other likeminded executives and put our elite cadre of career management professionals and expanding arsenal of personal marketing services to work for you.

Use your annual Membership Pledge to secure services at member only rates. Most members apply their credits to create exceptionally distinctive credentials, polish up (or reinvent) their brands, get professional coaching, unlock networking and learning opportunities and become recognized authorities in their field. You’ll have your own assigned career strategist to help you take inventory of your advancement opportunities and create a plan to achieve the objectives that are important to you in this stage of your career.



Peer Advisory

The friendships you make will follow you into the business world.

Warriors never fail for want of help, nor let isolation be the cause of failure in their role. In a world of competing agendas and high-powered egos, your fellow Warriors are your unbiased sounding board to hammer out your personal career plans and strategies for professional advancement.

Where do you share your deepest fears? Where can executives turn for unadulterated, unbiased advice based on experience? At work, your team members have an agenda, your Board has an agenda; at home your family has an agenda, and there is no safe place for you to be vulnerable or indecisive.

Members of our society are of a higher caliber (and are far more engaged and active) than those in "free" networking groups. You can take advantage of the combined wisdom of our community whenever you face a unique obstacle or challenge. Uncommon mentorship opportunities also abound within the network for those who are brave enough to seek them.



The Knights Pathfinders

Your career strategist will ensure you are using your membership effectively and get things done for you – not give you more things to do.

Unlike passive membership organizations providing an array of benefits and services but the members are left to their own devices to put them to use, each Corporate Warriors member is assigned a personal career strategist who will be your personal aid-de-camp.

Your personal career strategist will help you chart a path to the opportunities you want and check in with you quarterly to make sure you’re well on your way to achieving your ultimate vision for your career. The value of an objective third-party advisor to aid you on your journey is priceless but it is a core – and, in many cases, indespensible – feature of membership.

Your career strategist will facilitate introductions to peers with whom you may have something in common, executives who may help you with an issue you face, opportunities that you may find interesting and people you may want to meet, all based on your needs and goals.



Exclusive Events

We assemble the best live and in-person events available anywhere, with distinctive guests discovered from the most interesting jobs in the world. Many of them are your fellow Warriors – and many others soon will be.

We are also now making plans for our first Corporate Warriors Retreat, open to all network members. This will be an annual escape where we can build great relationships, discuss business trends, opportunities and challenges, spend time fishing and hiking, grill awesome steaks and boil some lobsters.

In addition, monthly video coaching sessions, training videos, and small groups masterminds for different industries are an incredible value-add to our members that are rarely exceeded by their personal networks.



A Member Run Organization

We ought not to judge of men’s merits by their qualifications, but by the use they make of them.
— Pierre Charron

We are truly on pace to setting up a worldwide community of executive talent that incorporates traditional sensibilities with modern developments. One of the major initiatives which we are undertaking is a cryptographically secure community fund. To participate in community initiatives and make their voices heard, all members are issued Merits, the currency of the realm. Merits are used to vote in major initiatives and as a private medium of exchange amongst your fellow Warriors. Merits are issued to Members based on their Pledge Level and they may also be earned for making material contributions to other members within the organization. 


The Knights Code

We're all here because we want to be here and every member swears to uphold the Knights Code. Commitment to the code ensures a positive experience for everyone. 



Equity is the cornerstone of our community and the value from which all other values flow. We prize good faith and fair play in all dealings; Eschew unfairness, impoliteness, exploitative behavior, meanness, pettiness and deceit; and defer to the evenhanded adjudication of misaligned expectations.




As warriors and professionals, we set our sights on increase and interaction instead of isolation and stagnation; worthy inclusion instead of exclusion; and abundance instead of scarcity. If we have pride it is pride-in-excellence and doing our part to the best of our ability. We believe in the equitable sharing of opportunity and helping our fellows prosper as we do.




We aim to only and always speak the truth, to follow through on our commitments and expect the same from those we deal with. We endeavor to do what we say, give honest appraisals of our merit and expect the same in kind.




A generous nature proscribes all that we do. We give back because giving back is important to us, not because we are expected to. Leaving our mark necessarily includes impressing on others the lessons and values that delivered us to where we are.





We are bound to honor and observe the confidentiality of other members, and will afford them all due confidentiality when they share their experiences, plans, affiliations or other private information to us.


A Kings Ransom of Rewards

Only members save between 5% – 25% on our full complement of executive services, all-year around, delivered to exacting standards of quality and performance and guaranteed turnaround times.



Your Membership Pledge pre-pays for your services and entitles you a discount when it's time to put additional ones to work for you.



I’d like to thank you again for your guidance and direction. You helped me accomplish in five months what I couldn’t do on my own in the prior twelve.

I cannot recommend you, or your services, highly enough, especially to those of us who are over 45. Please keep me informed as to your next scheduled sessions.
— Gary

This guy fell “in love” with my web site. Haven’t had one of these but you need to see how some are impressed with this as a tool in job search.

Now if he’ll just turn loose some big bucks and lots of stock options, I’m in!
— Ken
Guys, Just wanted to let you know that one bit of advice you gave me was wrong:

There is not a “lull” or “quiet period” after you
start actively getting your credentials out on the street!
— Matt

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support in tuning up my web portfolio and getting me ready for the process. There is no question in my mind that the preparation I received from each of you was the difference.

I was better prepared to move the discussions from the original position (VP of sales) to the President/CEO. Your program added the polish I needed to move to the next level. As you always say - let’s start planning for the next position.
— Frank Z.
The online portfolio works great! Last Tuesday I had sent out my web portfolio to a senior officer of a company that I had been targeting. I received a call early the next morning from the Dir. of HR informing me that this Sr. officer wanted to schedule an appointment for an interview right away.

Upon reviewing my ACT database, I realized that I had sent this same individual my previous resume back in August and had no results. I am finding that those people who had received my old resume and are now receiving my new portfolio, are taking a more serious look at me.
— Brent

Based on the comments I have received on every interview since I’ve used my web portfolio, it clearly has opened doors and has done a great job pre-selling me to prospective employers.
— Carl



Universal Benefits


Private Social Network

Share ideas and experiences, solve challenges, forge alliances, and find mentors or mentees, all within a secure, private social network exclusively for the members. 


Personal Career Strategist

There to help you formulate a custom career advancement roadmap, check in with you quarterly, elevate opportunities to your attention and make introductions.


Free Updates

Your membership Pledge covers you annual hosting costs and also gets you free spot updates to the following online properties while you're a member.

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Executive Portfolio

  • Executive Resume

  • Authority Blog

Members-only Discount

All personal marketing services are available to members at a significantly discounted rate, proportionate to their Pledge Level, from 5% to 25% off the prices available to the public.


Priority Response

Another member exclusive. Get guaranteed 30-day turnaround times on nearly all services that are not fixed-term programs, which means always keeping your career goals on track.


Member Merits

Member Merits fund and give you a say in community wide initiatives, such as where to hold the Annual Retreat. Additionally, they can be discharged for favors or applied to services for an additional 12.5% savings.


Membership Tier

Annual Pledge
*Financing Option
Member Merits
Member Discount












*The Paragon, Knight and Elite memberships can optionally be paid quarterly, bi-annually or annually while all Warrior-tier memberships are paid annually.

Application & Disclosures

Non-members can obtain some, but not all, of the same services but do so at a premium.

  • You must have Sponsor to apply for membership. Please touch base with one of our certified Knights Harald or an existing member in good standing to obtain your Endorsement. If you were invited by an officer of the organization, they will be your endorsement.

  • We accept new Members during the once-a-month Limited Enrollment Period, which begins on the 24th and ends on the 29th.

  • If you want more services than are covered by your Pledge level, you can still get them at the discount associated with your Pledge Level.

  • Warrior Level Memberships are payable once, annually while the other Membership levels have the option to be paid quarterly.

  • Each payment gives you an equal credit (like a gift card), good towards any of our qualifying services, at the discount associated with your Pledge level.  A proportionate boost in purchasing power is acheived with each escalating level of membership.

  • Pricing for services can change at any time. We usually only do so once per year and will announce it sometime before the start of a new monthly Enrollment Period.